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Who are we? 

UfocusLab is a modern laboratory of digital and consulting services that will help your brand conquer the international marketplaces of Amazon and Etsy and find a new audience among their users.
Our values are encrypted in the name of the laboratory:
U - Ukrainian and Unique 

Focus - focus on the client's needs, his brand

Lab - a laboratory, yes, yes, not an agency, but rather a laboratory, because in our work we have a scientific approach to data, use modern digital tools and act carefully with laboratory precision. 

So, in conclusion, we are a modern service created by Ukrainians for Ukrainian brands with a focus on their uniqueness and identity and a data-driven approach. 

Amazon services 



This service is for you if you are just starting out at Amazon. 


brand management

Regular work to support the operation of your Amazon store. 


Content and SEO optimization

The package includes services from keyword research to creating a store and listings.

Why us?

Let's save

your time

Time is the most valuable resource, so don't waste it on what we can do for you.

Spend it with loved ones.

We keep

your money

Every month we spend almost $1000 on subscriptions to various analytical software, for you it is included in the service packages.

We have 


We have been working with American and Ukrainian brands on marketplaces for more than three years. 

in love

in what we do

We believe that true love for your business and customers is the basis of every cool service.

Etsy services


Etsy Start

Do you have a hand-made brand or are you just starting to create wonderful things with your own hands? It's time to start your own shop on Etsy. We will help you to do the most difficult thing - to start. 


Content &
SEO optimization 

In order for your product to be found and bought, you need to do more than just describe it, but make it the most relevant to Etsy's internal search engine.


Store management

Despite the fact that Etsy is a modern, fairly automated service, there is always enough work in the store: update the assortment, respond to customers on time, optimize listings, etc. 

Etsy services

Що таке SoulFulfilment? 

Це наше ноухау, а саме фулфілмент(доставка) з душею. 
Послуга створена для справжніх лавмарків - брендів, що полюбили своїх клієнтів першими.
Ідея Soulful Fulfilment пол
ягає в тому, щоб зберігати товари в США, звідки їх швидше та дешевше відправляти клієнтам. Та кастомізувати товари для кожного з клієнтів за вашим замовленням. 

Це неможливо, якщо для фулфілменту ви використовуєте Amazon, Etsy чи будь-які 3PL-компанії. Цікаво? Пишіть нам в чат або телеграм.  

Наші контакти


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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